Ban Dispute for _X_Aidan_X_

X_Aidan_X Is my Minecraft name. I got banned for talking about inappropriate subjects. I am well aware about what I did was wrong and why and I am terribly sorry for my actions. I have matured in the time and will not do it again. Me and my friend were just having fun and wanted to complete all of the droppers as a challenge to see who could do it first. I deserve the ban but I would be amazingly grateful if you could ban me after a certain amount of time. Maybe a week or month. I have no intentions of doing this again and I would be very thankful to be unbanned.

Aidan, :slight_smile:

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your ban: Tallcraft Players

not sure why i actually permbanned you, that was an accident on my part. i will change it to a 1-week ban tomorrow.

Thank you. Have a good day :smiley:

It still doesn’t say a specific time I’m banned? Have you done it yet?

It still is a perm ban. Have you changed it to a week or will you do it later? @citycanine

i was asleep at that time. we live in different timezones

Ok thanks, sorry for pinging you when you were asleep then. I’ll just check if I’m permbanned or not.

It still says I’m permbanned. When are you planning on making it a week? @citycanine

you need to be patient. i do need to wait for an admin to be online to unban you. i will let you know, please stop pinging me.

Ok sorry. I will wait for an admin to be online.

your ban has changed to a 7 day tempban. closing this.