Ban Dispute Hannahlulu

hannahlulu: I’m so sorry, but I don’t remember swearing. I was banned 2 years ago to this day.
I just want to play with TappedJellyham and Entity_666_. I dont even have any memories of saying that someone else’s house is my house in SURVIVAL. I don’t play that! If I did, show me the proof please. Otherwise it’s just my little bro. I will reply if i see something i did not do.

Your ban:

I don’t know about the claiming someone else’s house as that was not my ban, but here’s what I still had saved from the offensive language:

Proof (Offensive language!)

(Note that I’ve lost a HDD last year with most of the proof for bans prior to that. What I have left are mainly small snippets now, so there might have been a lot more.)

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I’m guessing that means that you did do that then.

Awaiting your reply.

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It doesn’t seem like you want to reply anymore…
Closing this.

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