Ban Dispute IGN greydernation

I was banned roughly two years ago for my FIRST offense I got perm banned. I was swearing which yes was true but stopped when one admin told me too another admin got on and banned me after two years I think its fair to unban me for my first offense as a perm ban for a first offense of chat isn’t just a mute at least year ban at MOST I wasn’t using world edit malicious hacks or anything just disruptive in chat

Your ban:

You cursed and attacked another player in chat.

Proof (NSFW)

In addition to that, you were also scamming and capsing as well as behaving inappropriate.

Proof (NSFW)

right 2 years ago and it wasn’t malicious hacks or anything I just want another chance

I would’ve given you another chance after all this time, but it seems like you don’t understand that offensive language and a behaviour like that is bad as well, just like hacks. Your attitude is basically saying we were wrong for banning you since it wasn’t hacks, as you’ve pointed out twice now, but that’s not the point.

Apart from that, granted, you did admit it, but you don’t seem apologetic at all about what you’ve done.

Ban remains permanent.
Dispute closed.

I will however give you a chance to make another ban dispute in a month, with the hope that you will read the above prior to posting.