Ban dispute nijwons


i am permanently banned for “Bypassing anti-afk” and “Use of forbidden clients or mods” I have bypassed anti-afk a few times, but have never used forbidden clients or mods. Why does this warrent a perm ban?

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Awaiting reply from @Thierrycool

Your bans:

I have first simply warned you for using bypassing the anti-afk system and moved you to the lobby.
This wasn’t very effective though since you were using a mod or client which detected this and automatically teleported back to survival.
This wasn’t just simply taping down a tbutton or so, but you were using a mod/client/tool which actively did something.

I then tempbanned you for one day.

Not even 3 days later you were caught doing the same thing again you first got warned for and then tempbanned for! This is when I gave you a permament ban.

Note that even if you didn’t use a mod/client/tool (which you did, since those actions don’t just “happen” out of nowhere), bypassing anti-afk isn’t allowed in the first place.

So, for the first point, I wasn’t at home when i got warned. Now about the thing about the mod or client, i don’t know why it teleported me back as all I was using was an ahk macro to right click every half seconds. When I got tempbanned I had assumed that it was either for my zombie pigman or me using someone elses enderman farm. I am sorry that I bypassed, and if unbanned I will not do it again, it’s just i did not understand that the ban was from afk fishing. Sorry. Thanks.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

An AHK-macro just rightclicking shouldn’t be able to

  • Teleport back. (I (and seemingly others) didn’t think about this inititally, but if the macro happened to rightclick the box at /lobby, that would explain why you were tped back, so I’ll give you that.)
  • Bypass anti-afk (it didn’t seem to kick you on its own iirc).

That being said, no matter how it was done, it’s still bypassing the anti-afk system.
You also stated that you thought the ban was for something else (which isn’t a good sign…) but it was clearly stated in the ban message that it was for bypassing the anti-afk system.

I will let @Tallcraft decide about this one, especially since we don’t have clear rules about macro-usage yet. I know that several players use macros for example for /homes and I and other staff members have used them for ticket-handling in the past. I think the border should be where a macro starts turning into a bot or if it’s used unattended. Just my suggestion though.

Thanks for looking into this so thorougly Thierry. Since this is the first permanent ban I think it’s fair to give a second chance. I agree with you though, the rule violation is rather clear.

This seems like a good differentiating factor. Maybe we should include an explanation like this in our rules.

I agree.

Keep in mind that any further rulebreaking will result in a permanent ban.

Player unbanned.
Dispute closed.