Bank shops for wither skulls and elytra?

So I had a favor to ask. Prior to the gold-to-diamond conversion, we had bank shops for elytra and wither skulls. Could I ask that those bank shops be reinstated, with an appropriate diamond fee? Shulkers are easy to come by, but elytra and skulls are fairly difficult.




As example prices for each to start from, skulls were 2k apiece and elytra were 5k. I wish not to abuse this or make it too easy, so perhaps 10 diamonds (1k) per skull and 20 diamonds (2k) per elytra? Possibly more if y’all collectively deem that a bit cheap.


I could possibly make a wither skull shop in the future once I have my farm ready.

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i’ve mentioned this in server before, but i’ve talked to tall about this and he said they will not return.

the bank shops were made solely for the purpose of the elytra and shulker shells being barely obtainable before the farmworlds, and while yes if you don’t manage to catch the reset in time your chances of getting them are just as low, but they will reset as often as possible after all.


Same goes for the wither skulls, I’d imagine. Completely fair enough.


At least for wither skulls, I’m in the process of making a farm for it. I’ve got the design ready, but still have to dig out the perimeter and get a shop. I’ll send updates in this thread as I make progress.

(I’d estimate a week or two at the least.)