Beware of McLeaks Alt Accounts

Hello all,
Today I ran into a fellow by the name of ioan13 and they were doing alright on the server with the occasional spam of which we asked them to stop. They eventually did and everything was well but they came back a few hours later with a different account. They outright claimed that it was an alt account for ioan13 because they couldn’t get on the main one and I said those aren’t allowed here on the server and they literally confessed to their crimes saying they used this weird site called “McLeaks”?

When I hear sites like that I just feel a sketchy feeling inside and I asked the kid how it worked, and he said all this stuff about installing an authenticator. I did some further digging to see that it was a sketchy program in many places so far because its free accounts it seemed too good to be true. I got into somewhat of a tense discussion asking if they stole accounts or not and he seemed to be very defensive of it not being a virus. He kept asking me to click it (the link to the site) to see that it is safe but I refused. It just wasn’t something that I wanted to do really… he just kept saying all this stuff about how he would make 1000 alts and they couldn’t catch him and I just told him, you are being recorded in several ways so he is guilty.

I was wondering has anyone else ran into someone doing this before on tc? And how might there be a way moving forward we could try to stop these alts from entering the server?
Again Beware of the site MCLeaks!

Thank you for reading,


Authenticators make cracked accounts which is impossible to join multiplayer with. This person was probably trying to track your ip or install malware on your pc. If a cracked account joins a minecraft server it will just say “invalid name” and would not allow you to join. I think this guy was just trying to do not nice things. If you downloaded that they could have stolen your minecraft account or logged your keystrokes to steal all your passwords. Never download sketchy things off the internet.


bruh has that kid never heard of IPs


Hello! I risked my account to go to the MCLeaks website that first popped up when I searched mcleaks on google. What I found was… weird? It said that you could get Unlimited alts, there was a skin preview, it was “100% working”, and it was easy to use.
Then I looked at the reviews, most of them said MCLeaks was fine, the rest said MCLeaks steals your account. Some though, said it was the authenticator that did it, and you need to set MCLeaks to Mojang in the authenticator to use your account. Long story short, I personally think some people got their account stolen, and others were fine. MCLeaks is very weird and I’d say don’t use it. I also somehow got it to get to the alt account screen and it has a alt id you need to copy and paste before you get the alt? I’m not sure. But I’l l stop there sense I didn’t click anything else other than the close tab button on that website.
(Quick edit: You need to install a thing before you can use the alts. The said thing seems to lock you out of your account until you delete it.)

Yeahhhh I don’t really think he has lmfao Star did an IP ban for a reason which is why I hope he doesn’t use a VPN lol XD