Big Project for Staff

So I am building a huge project for the Tallcraft staff and I need your guy’s help! I know all the staff can see this but still, I need you guys to send me the supplies. The supplies for this is just Oak Logs and Oak Leaves. If you guys have any of that to give me, I would be so happy and you would get to help and or just have your name on the board of help. That may not seem like a fun thing to do but trust me, you will see why I need all of this, this place is going to be really cool! But anyways if you have any of those items and you are willing to give me them, my Ign is TukaKoala. I will be on for most of this week except Friday to about next Friday because I will be on vacation. But I will be back after that! Thanks!

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How much do you need? The actual amounts please

Ill take some care of it at the weekend :slight_smile:

I shall lend a paw =3

I am currently online, I am collecting wood as I am typing this.