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Hi. There’s a huge debate between a lot of players currently about the claiming situation: some are saying claims shouldn’t be allowed, other are arguing they should. I’m creating this forums post so everyone can settle this dispute here, since it’s quite an important topic. If possible, we would appreciate it if some staff could comment on this situation to come to a conclusion.

As founder i say no claiming only as it claims the chunk and not the build, with the underground city and future sky city claims would make this impossible, even with /trust the player my not want to give access or be online to give the access needed

As Mayor, I believe claiming should be allowed to a certain extent. Players may not claim paths and public land (we’re talking about cities here) however they should have the right to claim their own bases. If their base overlaps with another, say, underground or in the sky, then perhaps we could simple /trust the other player so they have access to their base?

Okay. There’s a bit of confusion over rules in Caldor. Firstly, all server rules apply. This means no griefing, modifying a player’s build without their permission, no stealing, breaking blocks that don’t belong to you, no advertising, spamming, excessive use of caps, etc. However, when you’re in Caldor some additional rules apply, associated with building. The rules are:

  1. All buildings must be connected have a path leading up to the main path.
  2. No Skyscrapers. This means buildings that are huge, block a player from seeing the buildings behind it, and usually lack detail.

These have been the rules since the city was founded. If you break the city rules, you’ll be asked by a city founder or Mayor to adjust the build to go by the city standards. This could mean lowering the height of a build or adding a path. If you refuse to abide by the rules multiple times - e.g. creating a huge cobblestone skyscraper right in front of the portal - then a ticket will be created to deal with the building and player.

These rules apply to every player who lives in Caldor, including both the founders and the Mayor.

Just so you all know.

I’ve created the post because we don’t want the Minecraft chat to be filled up with people arguing with each other, it really annoys the other players and we come to no conclusions.

Hi folks! This forum is for any player to use to discuss server related topics. I actually think this topic fits here perfectly. Thanks @Istax !
The only suggestion I have is that we move it out of the support category.


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