Can i have a unban please i dont think i did much, please?

whitewolfyay: ive been on this server for a while now and already i love it when i joined
i knew it was great although i didn’t read the rules before i joined and broke a few (blocks not everything)
and after i read the rules 2 months later i wake up go to my computer and im banned
im really sorry for the little stuff i did i love this server and i love being around the community
please can i have a second chance?

This is not meant in hostility, but saying that you “broke a few blocks” is not accurate in the slightest. In fact, my town staff and I had to remind you multiple times to reread our rules. This is because you kept building in areas you were not allowed to. Just to summarize, you were reminded of the rules multiple times and still disobeyed them.

That being said, if you do gain a second chance, I wouldn’t object too much. But please read the rules next time and make sure you understand them.

Hey @Ravadosh, please have a look.


Attached you can find the proof of grief, i rolled back over 800 block placements, so stating that you don’t think you did much is almost preposterous.
From my understanding you have been repetetively told to follow city and server rules and deliberately ignored them, making builds without approval, changing builds made by other players, and so forth.

does it have to be a perm?

normally griefs this bad are permanent bans.


That is the question, right?

Do you actually realize the severity of your infractions?
Or are you just going to continue to ignore the rules on this server the minute we unban you?

if you unban me i wont live in kholinar anymore deal?

thats not the issue, the rules for griefing are server rules, not just strictly kholinar rules.

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No deal, ban will be lifted entering the new year.

Dispute closed