Christmas wilderness

Since Christmas is coming up rapidly, I have an idea in mind for a Christmas themed wilderness. Just checking to see if someone else has already started this so I don’t waste time and materials. I found a good location, so if there’s any interest I’ll start building it.

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That means 2020 will be over soon. UwU
But anyway, it seems like a good idea!

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i love this idea so much, cant wait to see it!

Sounds great. Go for it! Can you open a ticket at the location so I can have a look?

Sure, I’ll make a ticket at the location so you all can check it out. I explored around a lot and there don’t seem to be any player builds near the area already.

can’t wait to see it! Sounds very interesting!

yas ples (20 characters)

I like the location! Let’s do it :slight_smile: