Cities For Tallcraft


Hi guys, I’m building a city, its with jungle treehouses and I’m still coming up with a name.
What might be my reason for making a city? I have noticed something. The majority of people dont want to be the only one on. they join if someone else is on, after all, humans are a social species. So that’s why the city would be great. for example you join my city cause you hear its getting popular, it gets bigger. people join for the first time and dont have a clue what to do, they join, it gets bigger. Tallcraft doesn’t have many active members. remember popularMMOs got a few dropper maps from Tallcraft. join my city for just a bit. have fun stay a while build your dream treehouse city and eventually make your own city cause there would be enough people on the server to join it.



Also, I have a house for sale.

I have about 7 other pictures of either the house or landscape and some of whats built of the city so far but cause I’m new to the forum it only lets me do one.



To get to my city go to /cityportals then go to mushlandia. take a boat due north (then a little west-ish) to a dock (about a 2-3 mins sail (easy 1k blocks ever)



Don’t you also own mushlandia, or is this jungle thing like an extension?



Still really love the idea. I think a lot of people are reluctant to join because there arent people on. At least that’s the case for me. I’ve always found it more fun to play with someone.



Yes I own mushlandia. but the city got abandoned so I scouted nearby and found a jungle biome. I thought, “what if this was a city, but theres no houses on the ground. there all in the trees” behold, my idea coming to life.



Nice that you’re creating a city! We should set you up with a portal. :slight_smile:

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you know i already have a place for the portal.



oh btw, while im thinking about it. at the portal location for my city. my and my sister years ago made a treehouse there and inside are locked chests that neither of us has access to. can you get rid of it? It’s blocking the spot for the portal and a chest built on our property is kindof annoying.