Cityportal TPs for me?

So I was fantasizing about setting up my own teleportation portals, to lead me to my various homes. If I ever made a teleportation hub, it would make for quite the sight. :smiley:

I realized the City Portals provide exactly the functionality I’m looking for. I’d be completely willing to create obsidian portals (at two locations) for them at my base, and pay in-game currency to set them up. Maybe, to prevent abuse, this could be turned into a (hopefully permanent) perk?

Let me know what you think!


  • Nev

What if… and hear me out… we get together, build a massive portal hub with some help hopefully from maybe Kai and Phantom

(if this would get a green light from Tall)

Making a portal there would cost X amount that would be voided out of the economy.

Take a page out of any good MMO which has money sinks to keep the economy in check.

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I can definitely see that! … once someone that isn’t an admin (preferably) is able to set portals (in which case, I would’ve achieved my goal :smiley: )… Otherwise it might be quite a bit of extra hassle for them. :confused:

Hm! I like this idea. We ought to pick this idea back up soon.