Discord mod role

I propose that there should be a mentionable role such as the moderator role in discord that can be mentioned in cases of immediate attention, such as chat infractions. For those who might abuse this, just state that the role is for immediate attention only.

I like the idea, but I’m afraid that this could be abused easily. Me and other staff members usually monitor the #help channel. So you can post your requests there.

I agree with Tallcraft. I see how it could be useful at times, but while technically already possible (just not via group ping), there’s a reason pinging staff members is against the rules.

However if there is something absolutely critical that is directly related to the server, such as a total crash or a database-error from a plugin, you may ping me (other staff members will have to decide on their own) in #help directly.

But this is really only an exception for extreme cases that directly affect the server’s stability, not for reporting a player or for general issues.

If that is abused, it naturally counts as breaking the server rules, since it’s an exception to them.