Dragon At Spawn

There seems to be a dragon at spawn. In the overworld. I don’t know if this is intentional or not, but I was discussing with a few players online and Neverywhere said I could post about it here, so now I have. Just letting you know.

nvm I just killed the dragon it’s gone now

There was a dragon at spawn? How did it get there?

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what the hell happened


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The staff team is investigating this.
Nothing to see here, move on.

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I saw a dragon @ 0,0 as well. in fact, i was there with istax

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Another dragon? What has been happening while I was gone?

i dont know lmao ive been offline too

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Is it possible to use safarinets on dragons? some1 could have done that if safarinets work on them.

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Safari nets should not work on dragons. I double checked the configuration. If they do please let us know!

Haha. I remember when I was flying in the End to raid End Cities, I saw two rouge dragons loose in the end.
Was the scariest thing seeing two dragons in the middle of the void and you’re unsure where land is,
This was back in 2018 (Before I was banned)
So seeing this is nothing new. lol