Dropper is broken!

When going in certian maps, It’ll insta kill you.
Could you give me perms to fix this? Or can you come online
and do it?

Maps that do the insta kill

  • Arrrr Matey!
  • Dragons Breath (When heads are firing arrows)
  • Learning to Fly & Learning to Fly Part 2
  • OIT
  • Giant World
  • Down The Chimney We Go
  • Nostalgamon
  • Many more are affected

Can you try again and let me know if it is fixed?

IT seems fixed, will let you know

EDIT: The border is 1/2 way into one map (Learning 2 fly)

Tested most of the maps. Seems to be fixed. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Closing this topic. Message me if you notice more issues with it.