Dropper Trophy Command

What is the command in the Droppers that gives the trophies? I am making a map inspired to the Tallcraft Droppers and I want to know what the command is.

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Could you copy and paste the command please? For example, the command that gives you a trophy for “Arcade Runner”.

All of the trophy commands come from that website, Just go to the /give generator, choose the item, then set a Name (“Arcade Trophy”) and Lore (“You beat Arcade Runner!”) as well as just adding any enchantment (“show-all” --> add level 1 of any enchant you want). I don’t have the exact command on hand and won’t be able to for a bit, sorry.

Thank you for helping me. Also, on one part of my map, there is a button you can press that will give you a special potion (a la Bright Idea). So far, I used this command: /give @p minecraft:potion{CustomPotionEffects:[{Id:1,Amplifier:4,Duration:600},{Id:9,Duration:600}],CustomPotionColor:16772398,display:{Name:"“New Brew”",Lore:[“Enjoy!”]}}. However, when I generate the command and get “New Brew”, it shows the potion effects when you put the cursor on it and it doesn’t show the lore. I want it to be like the “Eggnog” from Bright Idea because it shows the lore and not the potion effects, so the potion seems mysterious to the player. Do you have a command for that?

Assuming you used mcstacker, there should be a HideFlags tab. Open that and then select “HideOthers”, which should hide the potion effects.

In the tap that shows items you could use for your command, it doesn’t show potion.

Select water bottle, then you can add the CustomPotionEffects (note that the potion option is primarily visual)

Thank you for helping me.