Ebic Villa Skull Museum

Just outside of Ebic Villa, I run a skull museum. This, to my knowledge, is one of the largest collections of skulls in the game. It also includes a gift shop for people to get some heads of their own. Donations are accepted, and donators will be reimbursed for their skull if they choose to do so


tall you should add your head there

Can you share some screenshots? Would love to see it.

We have a cityportal ticket about it as well @Tallcraft, but i think a /warp exists to ebicvilla

The ticket was FastAS2004’s idea I believe. If one does get made, the ideal coords would be:

9876 / 64 / 3692

Uploading: 2020-09-01_21.08.17.png…

Uploading: 2020-09-01_21.09.00.png…

that is the only photo that can be uploaded

if you like it add your head pls lol (and vip lounge)

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How did you get my head. I barely gave it out when I had that username.

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Someone else, I don’t remember who

4 updates:

  1. With the help of Rav, the museum has been renovated and the design has been upgraded to be overall better looking, as well as fixing the lighting and finishing up where the skulls go
  2. The museum has been renamed as the “xXTealGolemXx Museum of Player Skull Preservation”
  3. I have finally gotten a head that was too big to fit on a sign normally
  4. I have gotten a head with less than 10 copies in existence
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Update 5:
A second floor has been added, dedicated to people’s alternate skins
Update 6:
There is now 5 staff skulls and over 40 player skulls
Update 7:
There is now a Trans flag on top of the second floor
Update 8: I now am down 2 skulls

I submitted the Museum as a project on Tallcraft on Planet Minecraft

Update 9: 90 heads and these usernames are just too damn big
Update 10: Adding a 3rd floor, as the second one is full

lmao (20 characters)

Update 11: 96 unique usernames on Floor One, and 104 alternate skulls, raising the total to 200 player heads :tada::tada:
Update 12: Donation box added

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Update 13: more than 100 skulls on floor one and even more alternate skulls. my in-game wallet is in pain™

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Teal, would you like some help with your wallet? :3

if you want to help yes

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