Economy Fix Idea

I have an idea for a fix to the economy on Tallcraft. What if we were to remove the system of trading diamonds in for $100 for a few weeks? If we did, then all the money going around would be money gained by shops and auctions. This way, no money is created, which could cause inflation on the server. The reason for this post is that, while having a conversation with a friend, that he noticed he had over 2 stacks of diamonds from one of the 1.18 caves. He was not mining for very long, and only had a fortune II pickaxe. This concerns me for what could happen to the TC economy, and maybe this idea could be a temporary fix for when the update comes out.

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Some people don’t want to or can’t set up shops/auctions due to the lack of resources and/or time. I find it a bit radical to remove a /bank that easily. Surely it would fix some balance issues, but when all of your savings depend on selling stuff to others (and there’s no guarantee people will buy from you), without that safety pillow of being able to get some cash on your own without any other people involved - I don’t know how to feel about that.


I think important to keep in mind is that your friend got over 2 stacks of diamonds on a 1.18 snapshot.

The snapshots are famous for still being imbalanced in one way or another, so basing your future plans on these seems like a strange idea.

As for removing the /bank, as Nix said, it would remove one possible revenue stream entirely, forcing you to depend on the whims of others.

I believe, considering the scope of this server’s economy, that focusing solely on retroactive balancing would benefit the server most, rather than being too proactive. (This is also what happened without too many issues when the server switched from Gold Ingots as its currency cornerstone to Diamonds)

But it’s good to discuss these things from time to time :slight_smile:


Can’t people get way more than that with villager+salvage method? I think that 1.18 caves are gonna be powerful and generate a lot of money, but considering there are better and faster ways to make money, I don’t think it calls for deleting one of the most important ways to make money, also, some people just want to go and buy some diamonds, they don’t want to spend time mining, and some want more time building/exploring.