First joins! =3

Hai! ^w^

When did you first join? x3
Wanna share your experience! ^W^

(Tallcraft you’re included XD
Maybe your thoughts every time you made a new world =3)


I’m purr-ty sure I only joined survival when I first came to this server XDD
(I thought it was Monsters Industry XD)

First Join!

First Contact!

Still thought it was MI (Following day):

The realization -w-

& Finally mew first meeting with mew first friend!!! ^W^

:heart_eyes_cat::sparkling_heart::heart_eyes_cat: Drackoluvia :heart_eyes_cat::sparkling_heart::heart_eyes_cat:
I’m greatful to have joined you in your town of Frostwood ^W^
So many wonderful players we have met & helped along the way…
Built great structures & terraform mountains!! OwO
I will not ever forget you, as you are one of the people that have
left a mark in mew heart & memory ^w^

~ With lots of hearts x3
~ Mew XD

(Some where before this message was your recruitment message XD)


Ahaha okay so my first join story also happens to be my first ban story. So I started off on creative, and spoke ofc bc we all know I talk a lot and then icy2424 told me to join survival bc more people played on there. (This was August 27, 2016 btw) and so she teleported me to her and everything. And I teleported someone else there bc I didn’t know not to. They destroyed her head, she blamed me for it bc I was Starter 1, and I got perm banned from Survival for a day. XD


I remember when I first joined that I was very pleased and impressed with the welcomes that I got from everyone. It really gave a nice community feel to me and made me want to stay. At the time the wilderness was either in or near a jungle and I remember building some things, only to find them gone the next day due to the creation of a new wilderness. I didn’t set a home so I couldn’t get back lol. I built my first actual house near the hub and city portals of the survival world. I remember that when I first joined my IGN was slimeman4. Unfortunately I cant get a exact date of when I first joined the server because I joined after the creation of Although I do know it was somewhere in 2014. I really like Tallcraft, it has been a place in which I’ve had many memories and a place where I’ve met some amazing friends. Tallcraft has also been a great experience for me and has impacted me in so many ways. I am so happy that I found this server. While I am at it, big thanks to the staff for putting in the time that they do to keep the server running and for allowing players, like me, to have such fun times and memories.


Here is a very brief (incomplete) timeline:

I started playing Minecraft around version 1.3 (Beta) when I was around 15 years old. Took me a while to figure out that there was crafting, but I eventually moved on from building dirt skyscrapers and fleeing from seemingly exploding spiders.

Singleplayer felt a bit lonely so I tried to set up a basic vanilla server on my computer.
When I first joined the server it was completely empty (Surprise surprise). Shortly after I figured out what the IP of my computer was and shared it with some friends. We messed around in survival (there was no other gamemodes back then).

Since my friends wanted to keep playing and I wasn’t keen on running my computer 24 / 7 I decided to rent a small linux server. It took me a few days to figure out how to run everything, but eventually Tallcraft (vanilla survival) was born. This happened shortly after Minecraft 1.4 (Beta) was released.
I wanted to try what would happen if I made the server public so I listed it on a Minecraft server list. To my surprise, shortly after posting it online, a couple of players joined. Eventually the server was filled to the player limit (20 or so). There weren’t that many servers back then so chances of getting players once you listed your server somewhere were quite high. There was players from all over the world, but mainly Europe, and a lot of people from Sweden.

Over the coming months I’ve switched to Bukkit for plugin support and eventually I even had to install a block-logging plugin because the griefs were getting out of hand and I didn’t want to ban people based on rumors about who griefed whom. Since we head a steady flow of players coming in I decided to upgrade the server multiple times and raise the slot count. Quickly administration effort grew and I asked some of the early players if they wanted to help me out as Moderators.

(…) Tune in next time for more exciting young Paul, small Tallcraft stories (…)

Bottom line, I met a lot of great people through this project and learned a lot about server administration and managing a staff team.
By talking to complete strangers on the internet (which was quite a challenge for me back then) I learned most of my fluent English I speak today.

Please do fill in the gaps and let us know what else happened over the years! I left a lot of things out. :slight_smile:


Super cool story! Thanks for sharing. :smiley:

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I want yours! @Thierrycool @Razew @Kulkinz


Me too! Lol :smiley:


I don’t even remember the first time I joined. All I can say is that the dropper is what brought me to this server, but beyond that, I have no clue how I made it to survival and stuck for a while.


I joined when I joined.
Left till August 2016 and constantly played…


I dont remember when i joined xD it was a long time ago but i think near the end of 2015? i joined then and several months later i rose to mod so i didn’t linger much xD


meowing u sweet jellybean, im sorry i’m only seeing this now. ur the best co-mayor and without u, the town wouldn’t be the cool (haHA get it) town it is today. ur builds look awesome and u have the best ideas and im so lucky to have met u. i know im a little behind in replying to this thread, but Ur Awesome and I’m sorry it took me a while to get back here.

also i dont rlly recall the time i first joined. i rmbr ender sold me a house and i would get lost in the mines for a while. and then one day i was like: i like building, so lets make a kewl homey town. and then a friend helped me (rip friend idk where they are now) and i ended up having to do things alone which is not the best idea because all i rlly did on minecraft was build things and not the more productive things like farming or mining so i didnt rlly know how those worked. but lo and behold, the minecraft gods were like: u know what this little weirdo needs: a friendly cat. and meowing came and the town became a legit town with better farms and such!! :smiley:

i also rmbr raiding that underwater temple/fortress with meowing and being like “what on earth am i doing… i’ll just swing my sword and hope something happens” meowing knew what they were doing though like daNG

when meowing became co-mayor with me, I rmbr feeling so accomplished when we got that teleporter for frostwood. also getting new citizens and seeing their awesome builds. the griefers are annoying as heck but the awesome frostwood today, i owe a lot to meowing. :kissing_cat:

this has been my carefully edited ted talk, thx for listening.


I joined at the 22.08.2016…
I was glad I had finally found a survival server and I enjoyed just building or running around in the world. I still remember those skeleton riders killing me over and over again =D


i’m pretty new! i joined sometime in april (i think april 1st) because me and my friend were looking for a good dropper server. while messing around in the lobby, i saw survival, and thought about trying it out! i remember being amazed and confused, but i never realised there was a chat xD so i’m pretty sure i ignored all the ‘welcome’s! xD


Sometime in 2015! (i think)


i searched up dropper maps on youtube and saw a nice dropper map made by Tallcraft (i thought it was only a map) but when i wanted to ‘‘download’’ the dropper map there WAS a server called Tallcraft and i joined in dropper years ago and i was addicted to the droppers and a couple months i wanted to play on survival i think it was 2015 i met a lot of nice players but i got banned in 2017 and got unbanned on 2020 that’s when i met soggney BobsYourUncle metype and others and that’s how my adventure started again :smiley:(love the server)

(so nostalgic) #bringminecraftbackagain!


I joined in December 2015, but just played in dropper. I knew Tallcraft as back then all the popular Minecraft Youtubers (DanTDM, PopularMMOs) played on Tallcraft’s dropper maps. It wasn’t till February 2016 when I entered Tallcraft Survival for the first time, and I was met with a very helpful and generous gentlemen IGN Tappedjellio, who was at the hub. I was just there not knowing what to do or how to leave spawn, and I was hella confused over the bank and shops. He gave me a full enchanted diamond set and some items for free and let me stay in his base (it looked like a prison cell lol) but that was when my journey in TC started. Met so many people I remember till today. :slight_smile:

It’s been 6 years since then. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have started anything and created amazing memories with the amazing community then. I was 11 then. Too bad, I left in late 2017 to focus on my exams. Then, in 2018, I just didn’t return. :frowning: Too bad, most of the 2016/2017 community grew up and went on with their lives, hence no longer active in TC, just like I did. It was an amazing childhood memory, nevertheless!


Might as well put my origin story here too…

I joined on the nineteen of June, nine days after my birthday when I got Minecraft Java edition (I’ve been playing Minecraft since I was six, but on Pocket Edition). I found the server on Planet Minecraft, I’d been searching for a vanilla (or semi-vanilla) SMP to join and came across Tallcraft. My name was XenyaFox then, same as my Pocket Edition name, but I soon changed it to Istax. I died a dozen times, losing my starter stuff, before finding an island owned by imp3225 (inactive, never met them) and dug myself into the ground there, intending to stay the night… only to NEVER LEAVE AGAIN. I ended up making the small cave I’d created my base, and I still live there to this day. Anyway… a lot of stuff then happened throughout my time on Tallcraft, but because this is a post about first joins, not experiences on the server, I’ll keep it short. I founded a city with a few other players, reached $2000000 after a long time, made countless friends, and have ended up playing an average of five hours a day, every day. So yep. That’s my life on Tallcraft!

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:thinking: I joined in 2013/14, Give or take, as an introvert I was intimidated by all the welcomes and got lost in spawn. :sweat_smile: I was only online a few days when Theirry started to visit often and we became kinda friends. I really miss having to fix all the table flips they would do.
“┬─┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)”

Later on Hobbo2909 joined and we built a project together. :star_struck:

Sadly after some time we went our separate ways and I ended up joining Gophers Minionland smp, for a clean start; but once it was stuck on version 12.2 it became stale and has now been taken down.

On my return to tallcraft the same warm welcome was how I remembered it. I miss Theirry flipping tables or randomly TP me to jail. BUT All in all, I still find it a Great and generally chill Place to build. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also Got Hobbo to come back with me.