Free public villager trading centre

Been thinking about making a villager trading hall for anybody to use for free. Is this something that anybody wants?

it’d be pretty nice, although players wont have enough emeralds to to trade as they will not benefit from the conversion zombie discount (correct me if im wrong). At the very most they would get the hero of the villager discount.

Unless you build a emerald for money system, it’d be a pretty nice money operation if you are capable of holding onto a lot of emeralds and trade some emeralds for money.

The players that would benefit would mostly be players who does not own a villager trading system, or are new to the game. Although if it’s placed at a warp zone or city portals it’d look pretty nice. Thou not sure how the anti-griefing effects will go as replacing dead villagers would be annoying.

however if you do build this, the players who don’t wanna build a villager trading system will benefit greatly from this, they can also find projects to build like melon farms to get more emeralds and get their items from the marketing system. Without having to use diamonds/money to buy from other players.

Although if you can work with the staff and build a villager trading system sort of like npc trading that’d be pretty cool and a nice addition.