Hey, been a while

hey guys, been a couple years, hope yall are doing good. alots changed since i played, im a dude now and i might get back on some time. ive been thinking abt the server nonstop since i got in trouble with my parents lol im just waiting till i get java again this summer. i dont remember alot of u guys but i particularly remember thierrycool (which ive learned hes been banned), e_natr (someone let me know this guys ok please jesus christ), and meowinginsanely. thank u all for the good memories and i hope we can talk again sometime :slight_smile:


p.s. forgot to add, anyone know the coords for frostwood? wanna see if my old houses are there!

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You can TP there via /cityportals. Welcome back.

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Seems like it’s been a while since e_natr has been online

Welcome back!

Welcome back! ^^
I hope you can get Java soon.