Hey does anyone know what the tallcraft survival seed is?

hey I’m thinking of planning a big build and I want to find the perfect location does anyone know the seed for tall craft survival so I can enter it in on a creative mode world

The seed is secret due to the possible abuse that having the seed has because you would know where every single block generates in the world. You can look around our map at https://map.tallcraft.com though and see if you can find any areas that look interesting though.

We’re not supposed to know the seed for Tallcraft, as things like structure and ore generation are linked to the seed. The seed might not help out for certain areas either, given that the server has been up for many versions and chunks loaded in older versions wouldn’t have the same terrain generation as the newest version. The map can be helpful though, as it gives a rough overview of the biomes.

adding on to this, you can also try doing /tpr every 5 minutes!