Hey guys, I miss you

Minecraft name: 5RatInTrenchCoat

A while after I got banned from Tallcraft, I started working on myself (not for Tallcraft, I did it for me, but the things I got banned from Tallcraft for are some of the things I worked on). I got banned because I kept making inappropriate comments and being disrespectful even after staff prompts. I’m not going to make excuses, but I am going to explain why I acted that way. I was always very impulsive and had no filter. I was also really bad at noticing social queues, and I sucked at taking accountability for my own actions. Over the last six months I have really worked on all that and fixed most of those problems. I’m still not perfect, but I’m definitely able to function really well in social situations and I am better off than I ever was in my 5 years of Tallcraft. I take full accountability for the way I acted before I got banned. It was really disrespectful of me. That said, I have changed a lot and I would like to ask for forgiveness. I really miss playing on Tallcraft and I really want to prove again that I can be a good member of the community.


rat, even though what you did was wrong, and it may have been rude to other people, you have my forgiveness if you can prove to us that you have changed.


happy to see you back :+1:


In my opinion, although I have not talked to you. I think that you have been able to learn from your mistakes. I got to see who you were before because you were like my best friend and I feel like you really have changed. Also seeing that you are trying to come back after 6 months shows a lot. Good to see a reply from you.


happy to see you back on the forum rat, im glad youve been able to work on yourself. sometimes a break is needed for growth and im glad said break has effected you positively, im proud of ya :slight_smile:


Your ban: Tallcraft Players

After internal discussions, I have converted your ban to be lifted after 1 year has passed.

This dispute is now closed.