Hi Again, I had an idea regarding farmworlds

So, I feel like it’s not just me in wanting this, but I seriously feel like the farm world needs to be expanded or have a way for a lot of players to get the things they need.

What typically happens when the farm worlds update is that 4-5 players typically run through and loot everything, leaving nothing for other people, who may be at a disadvantage due to timezones, schoolwork, having a job, etc.

It’s been hurting a lot of players and has definitely caused some drama with some players collecting stuff and other players not being able to collect anything because they weren’t online or didn’t know the farm world updated.

This is especially a problem in the case of the end farm world, so many people need shulker boxes, and yet only a few people can have a bunch of them, because only the people who get lucky and loot farm worlds moments after they change get the loot. I had a few ideas, so here they are:

  1. Maybe expand farm world borders to allow for more materials to be collected(issue is that people would still probably do the same thing, but it’d be harder for them to do it)

  2. Make it so everyone knows when the next farm world reset is so it’s not completely random

  3. More farm world resets! This is what I’m personally hoping for, it’d allow for the resources to be a bit easier to get, also, I think that making it so different farm worlds reset at different times would be great, it’d allow for people to not have to pick between resources they need most.

  4. 1, 2, and 3 all combined

  5. Personalized farm worlds(that are a bit smaller than the current ones for each player that reset once every month or so, while still keeping the current farm world. I think the biggest problem with this is the amount of lag it would cause, also it’d make things a lot harder development-wise

These are just my ideas, personally, I’m glad we have farmworlds to use at all, but I think they could have a few improvements to make the resources obtainable from farm worlds more obtainable. If you have any other ideas, please, comment them!
That’s all from me for now,


I think this is a great idea, however though, the part where we know when they get reset wouldn’t be a good idea because that would allow the type of player that snags all the loot to be able to do it even more efficiently, I feel the personalized farm worlds would be a good way to counteract that, but if a lot of people on the same server (Tallcraft survival) were in the personalized farm worlds were traveling around, then that would create a type of lag in which chunks wouldn’t load for some players, so maybe make it so there are multiple, but they are assigned to groups, like me, you, and maybe 1 or 2 other people. besides that, I feel that most of this is a really good idea! -jagbean(not 09)


About your thing regarding shulker boxes:
I completely agree, I’ve been playing for over a year now and have only got 2 full boxes. I know that they’re at the old shopzone, but 10K for just one shell seems a bit too much. Maybe the price for one could be reduced, so it’s easier for people to buy them?

Sadly I’m always stuck on schoolwork and I can only go on the weekends and for 2 hours on the week days if I’m lucky, but by then I notice just about everything is looted. So what if there were more than one farm world of each dimension? So maybe other people could possibly get a chance to loot stuff, or at least have more time before the players who run through and loot everything come and loot the other worlds, too.

Having personalized worlds would mean either thousands of individual servers or having incredibly small farm worlds all crammed into one/a few servers

I’ve doubled the maximum world size. The farm worlds are now 8000 blocks in diameter.
I’m also working on making farm-world resets automatic.


I agree with everything, however, in the third idea, making it so certain worlds reset at different times would only add to the madness. Let’s say that the end is reset first, that means now everyone is in the end. I have an idea for it as well. Make it so when nobody has entered the end, nether, or overworld farms, that it auto resets.

Thank you so much!
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