How to connect to our Minecraft server 🎮

Our Minecraft server address:

In order to play you need to install Minecraft Java Edition. Tallcraft only supports the main PC/Mac version.
You can’t play with: Win10-Edition, Pocket-Edition, or any version considered to be Bedrock-Edition.

Download and install Minecraft for your Computer

Add Tallcraft to your Multiplayer server-list

When the game is started (logged in) and you are in the main menu, click ‘Multiplayer’.

Next, click on ‘Add server’

Enter Tallcraft’s name and address as shown below and click ‘Done’

You should now have Tallcraft in your Multiplayer server list. Click on the entry to join the server!


If you have problems connecting to the server please check the following:

  • Check your internet connection
  • Have you updated your game to the latest version of Minecraft? Usually our servers are up to date.
  • Check the status page or the news section to see if the server is online

If you still have problems feel free to hit reply and we will try to help! Please also include any error messages you see.