I do not know why I was banned

Minecraft Name: Diamondmaniac1

A few days ago I logged onto the server and it said I was banned by Ravadosh for advertising. I have not said anything in chat that would give me a ban, let alone an advertising ban. If one of the mods could check the logs or possibly unban me that would be wonderful. Thanks in advance!

Hi there,
Your Ban: https://players.tallcraft.com/player/1b6a0e28-bc4e-4487-bd0a-d13534fe26fa

To give you an idea on how I base my ban on chat infrictions, it’s always through logs.
Now, I agree that permabanning you is maybe the wrong thing that I did, but given you deny fault on something that is clearly stated in our logs for the rest of the staff to see, makes me consider not to reconsider that permaban.

Are you denying advertising for pigcity on the 23rd of oktober?
Are you denying repetitively trying to post a youtube channel on the 29th?

Can you unban me though?