I got banned 2 years ago

Greetings people. Long time no see. Im fonta7866 on minecraft and i recently wanted to come back on this server to see my long lost progress. I just logged in to see that im currently banned from survival. I just wanted to say that this was not my account when the ban happenned. My account at the time was named as olga_728 and i used to share bases with my best friend who was on this account. Unfortunatley, i lost my account thru migration so i bought my friends account to keep on playing. I just asked him how he got banned and he said “he buildt where he whould have”. So, i wanted to ask if i could get unbanned, even for a short period of time, to see the first things i did with my best friend 2 years ago. If u have any questions, feel free to ask and it will be my pleasure to respond.

Thank you

@emodog please take a look!

your ban is only 1 year old.
we cannot be sure that you truly are a different person, and fonta7866 has quite a few warnings and a ban on their name. you were very disrespectful to myself and a fellow staff member when we were trying to handle the griefs with you, as well.
since i got a new laptop just this year, i’ve lost the screenshots on my part, but if ThatOneLuke is able to find some, he may share them here.

but since i’m the one who permanently banned you, i’m against unbanning you.

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