I think i was false banned

I was just banned from tallcraft for being a alt
account of some called “AhmadAlNaser”
I dont know who this is but
I dont agree that i am an alt of AhmadAlNaser
I dont know why this happened.

More info

Who banned me: StartField_9
Reason: Alt of AhmadAlNaser
Time: 05:31
Date: 10-11-2020
Ban message: You have been banned from 10-11-2020 at 05:31 by StarField_9 from this server for: Alt of AhmadAlNaser
IGN: Yoda4211

That’s really funny because I just made an entire post explaining why you did. You really weren’t false banned all bans happen for a reason and you need to understand that you were promoting malware.
Believe what you want but we aren’t going to fall for it. Good day fellow human.

What are you talking about im a tallcraft player im new and i got false banned

How do i proove you??

You don’t silly! I am not going to believe you no matter what you say. I didn’t click your link because I know that those things are too good to be true lol.

And for another note you literally said stuff like “I will make an alt account 1000 times if I have to.”

How to proove plsssssssss

I am not whoever u think i am

I think that you are a person who has nothing else but better to do but make the alt accounts like I get it not everyone can afford the game but still.

I am yoda4211 i payed

You are using the same grammar and everything I think I can tell if it is you or not silly.

Am i the one who crashes tallcraft now?

You can’t do that, I really don’t believe you can. People who say stuff like that just say it to try to fear monger.

il send 10000 players on
the server
u will be supriced to see the lobby full

im starting my spamer

So you want to be unbanned because you claim to not be an alt yet you go ahead and threaten to spam the server with alts? No. Closing, and if you continue to make threats, you will be banned off of the forums.

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