Im banned beacuse a friend still a diamond

Hello, im baned 4 years ago and i like to play tallcraft again the problem is a friend stiil a diamond in survival and i cacth this diamond this is the reason. Tallcraft its a excelent server please unban my. My name is Brooklyn13

Hi! No player named Brooklyn13 ever joined Tallcraft. You are not banned.

Hello again, im Brooklyn13 search in the ban list again beacuse y changed my name 1 week ago to Brooklyn13 search my old name. OLD NAME MartinLarrosa

Im unban now?
This is my username
Please unban

Please pass 3 years ago I promise nothing will happen again

@Razew issued the ban. Let’s see what he thinks.

Okey, he has the oporunity to unban me

Hello, @Razew please unban my

Hello there.
I apologize for the late reply.

I’m not sure what you were getting at in your original post, you griefed and stole things. You also used inappropriate language and spammed as stated by the warning I issued after the ban.
However, seeing as it has been 3 years since your ban was issued, I’m willing to give you another chance. Please make sure you read the rules and follow them, if something isn’t yours on the server - don’t break it or take it.

Played unbanned.
Dispute closed.

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