I'm jailed and no clue what is going on

Even do i am not banned i thought this would go here.
So after around 3-6 months I came back online on the server and found myself in some sort of prison. Thierrycool’s mail says that i stole items and that they are investigating it, but it has been so long since i came online that i think they just forget.
HOpefully i could get some help.

Thanks in advance

Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us.
Maybe @Thierrycool can elaborate.

i hope he can, cus im kinda stuck here

This is a bit of a complicated case… I didn’t ban right away as I wasn’t sure if you did have permission. However it really did look like you just stole whatever valuable items you could find there, so I jailed you.

The storage in question belongs to ThatOneLuke. It wasn’t locked at that time. I haven’t seen him since then, so wasn’t able to ask.

If anyone has a way of contacting him, please tell him to leave a /mail ingame to me saying whether this was ok or not, so we can get this resolved quickly. :3

I can contact him. I have him on Discord.

Wait did he report it or not? Since i am quite sure i had permission to take some of his stuff since we were friends.

He did report it as some items were missing. However, you weren’t the only one accessing the chests there.

So basically we’ll have to get his reply on this. If he says you only took what you were allowed to, you will be unjailed right away.

I saw him yesterday but he wasn’t able to join to check it out due to his connection unfortunately. If anyone sees him online, feel free to ping me, but only for this!

Alright thank you very mutch.

Still haven’t seen him anymore… Maybe pinging him here will help: @ThatOneLuke .

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Was just able to talk to Luke about it.
Despite a lot of valuable items missing, he said to give you another chance so I have unjailed you.

Keep in mind that any further rule breaking will result in a permanent ban.

Player unjailed.
Dispute closed.