Im sorry (Unban Request)


First off i’ll say why I got banned.
I got banned for 2 weeks for trying to bypass the swear filter.
I feel very bad and I can assure you this wont happen again. I do promise to respect the rules for as long as i play.
However I do feel as though for a first offense with no warning, I shouldn’t have gotten a 2 week ban, And Hope fully this will cut it short.

2 weeks is only a mild ban, I suggest to just sit it out.

In your case, you had 2 warnings, albeit not directly by a staff member:

  • The first one was you started swearing almost immediately after I banned another player for profanity, so it is pretty clear you saw that message.
  • The second was is when you trip the swear filter, it should say very clearly: NOTE: Attempting to bypass this chat filter WILL lead to a punishment.
    Normally, if you trip the swear filter once and stop, staff does not have a problem (that’s the point of the swear filter). However, you continued attempting to bypass the swear filter (and break the rule about no swearing at the same time):
Evidence (swearing/NSFW warning)

Screen Shot 2020-11-15 at 3.07.07 PM

Unless there is something I’m missing, the 14 day ban will stay.


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