It wasnt me (Bigmat7)

My account was banned on Monday but it was not me. My aunt came to us from Montana fearing the safety of her children because of CoVId-19 so she came to stay with us for 4 days. Her son was bored so I let him play on my pc and he got me banned on the server. I’m sorry and will be more cautious of who I let play on my computer.

Your ban:
Staff who banned you: @LordoftheByeway

I don’t understand.
Do I have to message them?

No, they will look at the evidence they collected regarding your ban, and then they will make a decision. Sorry for not being clear about that in the first place!

o it’s fine I was a bit confused

Minecraft Name: Bigmat7

Can an admin review my ban dispute?

Sorry for the delay and quietness! Your ban (as of this message, ban website is down):

I’m discussing the ban with the rest of the staff team and someone will let you know of the result soon.

Thank you very much.