Item Recollection Area

The Item Recollection Area is finally here!

Together with MeowingInsanely, I have built a new addition to the spawn world: An Item Recollection Area!

This will allow us to have a central place for items that need to be returned to a player for one reason or another (for example if they have an inactive shop).

You can find the water elevators to it, at /shop.

There are different sections for the different first character of your name and each section has color-coded subsections to make referencing an area easier.

Keep in mind that we will use the name you had at the time at the placement of you chest. If you change your name, you should check for your past names as well when looking for something there.

Here’s how it works:

  • If an item needs to be returned to you, we will put it in a chest, lock it so only you have access and add a sign with your name on it.
  • We will send you a /mail with the color-section your chest is located in and the username you had at the time.
  • You can come and pick up the items whenever you want.