Let's play not accept the truth game

Tall you are now just deleting ents posts for no reason other than you won’t accept the truth of people leaving after his ban and it’s pretty dumb at this point so I mean if you want to play this game go ahead

Hi thx for your message.
I have hidden posts of ent in another discussion because they were off topic.

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Looks at replays looks and sees ent has hidden post :thinking:

People have been leaving the server gradually more and more, as soon as people started to see that some staff don’t really seem to care about players, being blind to what someone has done because they’re your friend, and some other stuff. People just don’t care to stick around anymore and find somewhere better to spend their time.


yes, Indeed mine & AWildKangaroo’s comments were flagged by the community, aka, tall.
Not surprising at all.

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When Tall hates banning players, yet he permanently bans for Minor Reasons.

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Why hello ent, long time no see. How is life in banishment?

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Freaking amazing. Love not being around terrible people, fake friends.

This discussion seems to go off-topic. If you want to message each other feel free to use PMs.
Closing this.