Looking for Builds!

Hi Players of Tallcraft!

I am currently building a Villager Trading City.
I am hoping I can stick to a mix of themes which will be Modern & Medieval. Which is Set to change.

If you would like to show off your building skills, We have /creative or creative.tallcraft.com, If it is a world save, message it to me on Discord (My code is found on my Forums profile)

If it gets built, You will receive in game items (who knows what you will get!)

Thanks for reading! o/```

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Santa is that you? What is the meaning of christmas? Don’t worry I’ll try and make something ent :joy:

Congrats on forum post ID/url thingy 100!


How is the project going? Can you share some screenshots? :slight_smile:

I will when I’m on later :slight_smile:

This is the start of the Village Trading City :smiley: