Looking to Stream on Twitch

Hey yall!

I’ve been gone for a few years but have itching to get back to it. These days I’ve also taken up streaming and have wanted to stream on TallCraft.

I’m not too sure what the rules around that might be? I can imagine that not advertising my channel nor my location to viewers is start, but is there anything else I would need to consider?

I’ve been hesitant to do so because I didn’t want to “dox” viewers talking in chat, but I’ve played something to the effect of 10 thousand hours on this server alone. So many fond memories, so many abandoned builds to complete :wink:

Thanks in advance!

Sure, go for it! No special rules.

And welcome back!

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Hey! Welcome back by the way. I also stream on twitch and I stream tallcraft sometimes. If you want we can be friends and stream tallcraft together! I would love to be friends. Plus there are no rules to it. Go ahead lol. DM me :smiley: thelonleyolive is my user on discord.

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Thank you! Been thinking a lot of TC of late, will be fun to scratch that itch!

Absolutely! I’ll reach out on discord

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