Make gold sell for less in /bank, keep diamond currency and price for it

Just a suggestion, but I honestly think we should just make gold sell for less than diamonds in /bank, that way you can still sell gold, but diamond fetches a higher price, making players want to mine more of it and sell it more than gold. Since a stack of diamond blocks is around 56k (I haven’t looked at the bank much), I say a stack of gold blocks should sell for either 20k or 30k. It would be a good idea because all of the players who spent a lot of time collecting gold to sell can still sell it, just for a lower price.

The issue with that is one is AFK farm-able while the other isn’t, so no matter the price, unless the gold price is ridiculously low, people will just farm gold because it’s easier and possibly faster then trying to go mining for diamonds.


Forgot me if I’m wrong, but isn’t AFK farming ban-able either way?

I would suggest we make the converting the gold to diamonds thing a rather temporary choice, give everyone a chance to make value of what basically has low value. It does not have to be a long timespan either, I think one or two days may be sufficient.

Then again, there is clerics, which exchange gold for emeralds, which then in turn can be used to buy chestplates from armourers, which then can be salvaged. That would render a gold to diamond conversion obsolete.

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I believe what the rule is supposed to be referring to is any action that is made while AFK is bannable, like a macro. AFKing around an automatic farm should be fine, but something like using an autoclicker on a farm or a macro while being AFK would not be allowed.