Map/Build Download

Want to get a copy of your build? OwO

Well you’ve looked at teh correct topic ^w^

I am currently offering teh service of downloading parts of teh server XD
In exchange fur teh low low price of free =3

Just ask mew purr-sonally or post teh:

-What build is it?

Teh only stuffz that are not copied unless I purr-sonally take a peek in it are Chests & Villagers.

Hope you’ll find dish helpful ^w^


This wont be integrated in the new world will it ? anyways its a pretty great idea! I like it

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It’s most likely a client mod you can install to download parts of the world on servers. But since it can’t know the seed of the map it will only be able to replicate the parts you visit with your client. That’s why you also need to open chests for it to copy their contents.
It’s a nice mod if you want to backup your builds to your computer or try something out offline.
You don’t have to worry about stuff getting lost though. We have a quite thorough backup strategy.


Yep! =3

It’s a mod ^w^

I wish I knew this mod earlier so that I could’ve saved mew builds from dying servers ;w;

Butt fur tallcraft, It’s only fur saving builds offline =3

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