McMMO bug: 1 material per salvaged item

Soo after grinding emeralds from villagers and buying iron armours, I salvaged the armours and only got one iron ingot per armour back. Is that a bug or is that wanted?

I’d classify this as a bug,
I myself enchant Gold Armor / Tools to salvage them for enhants I get, but I’ve been getting 1-3 per armor, tool.

It’s random and depends on the level you have as well.

More info: .

In 1.12.2 I & others got back 100% (since we’ee 1,000+ salvage.

Now it’s just 1-3

I have above 1k+ salvaging too, and I never got 100% back, at least not consistently.

I got it back, constantly.
But not in 1.13.2

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