McMMO Milestone Announcements

Recently, a change has been added where upon reaching certain milestones in McMMO, an announcement in chat is made around it. Upon this announcement appearing in chat, a good portion of people like to congratulate others by typing gg or something along those lines. However, there are some people who do not like this. Each person has their own reasons, but I personally think it clogs the chat a bit too much for milestones that are a bit too frequent. Now to help resolve this problem, I want to present a few possible solutions. Of course, I am not familiar with the plugin and it’s configuration myself, so it would be nice to hear a response on whether certain options are impossible from someone who does.

Option 1: Changing the Milestones that are announced.
As of right now, I believe every 100th level in a parent skill is announced, as well as every 100th power level. I think this is fine for new players, as 100 levels is a bit more difficult to achieve in the early game. Given this difficulty, it’s still a significant accomplishment for these newer players. But upon reaching the Expert and Ultimate ranks, 100 levels in either of these measures becomes much more simple to achieve, and is considered a lesser accomplishment. This leads to some players requesting that the announcement for them in a specific skill or two to be ignored, which defeats the purpose of the announcement (and makes it clog up the chat a bit).To counteract this problem, I think that after reaching level 1000 in a skill or power level, the interval for each new announcement milestone should be raised from 100 to 500 or 1000. For the skill milestones, it could also be a possibility to sync up the announcements for when major perks are unlocked or leveled up. Alternatively for the power level milestones, it could be instead based on when a player moves to the next rank (say Ultimate 4 to Ultimate 5) as well. This would also have the added benefit of allowing newer players to know when they have received access to certain commands.

Option 2: Adding a way for players to toggle what part of their McMMO gets announced.
While some players dislike this new system, others still are fine with it. As a result, it would make sense that if it possible, adding a command for each player to decide what gets announced would be good. This would allow for everyone to make a decision on their own on whether they would like their own milestones to be announced in chat or not, and would help to prevent minor conflicts when one player says to ignore the announcement and another player does not and congratulates them.

I personally don’t see any reason against either of these options, besides the plugin configuration not being dynamic enough to allow for such a configuration. It would be nice to hear if either of these are possible, and if not, what other options could exist to help remedy this problem.