Me getting banned

Franzese2, Hello can I get unbanned? I see what i have done wrong on this server and regret it. My friends and i want to play on this awsome sever and would appericate it if i could get unbanned?
Thank you,

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Not trying to be unhelpful but you downright lied and admitted last time…

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I know I was also 13 and have matured now and im just asking one more time. Sorry i was such a jerk last time.

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i was also 13

it hasnt even been a year lol

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Sorry for taking so long - I thought I had already replied, I apologize for the delay.
Your previous ban dispute: I got banned for using profanity
Considering your previous ban dispute and the severity of what you said, as a staff team we have decided not to unban at the current time.

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