Metype Mall's Shop Removal Policy

The Metype Mall now has a policy for abandoned shops and shops that are unstocked for extended periods of time.

A shop’s inactivity is given a score. If this score goes below a certain threshold, the shop will have a month to improve its score. This improvement does not need to surpass the threshold again to reset the timer, any amount of restocking will reset the timer.

Shop owners WILL be warned about their timers when it starts, halfway through, and near the end (they’ll also be warned if their shops is nearing the threshold of inactivity required to start the timer.). Giving, hopefully, ample time to restock their shop.

A shop’s score is calculated as follows: (Unstocked Chests / Stocked Chests) / The Number of Days Since That Ratio Was Less Than 1:1. Basically if over half of your shop’s chests are stocked, you’re fine.

The threshold for a score is 0.08. This is derived from having 5 out of 7 chest shops unstocked for a month. The numbers are mildly arbitrary but I feel describe about when a shop can be considered no longer active enough.

This is subjective to me and the people I talked to a bit while working on this policy and any critique that can be offered I will gladly hear, as shop removal is a very sensitive topic to people who are in school or are otherwise busy with life and don’t have the time to constantly join Tallcraft to restock their shops. If you have any complaints, please contact me, again this is a very very difficult thing to do right, I am doing my best.

One last thing, if your shop has no chests, your score is effectively 0, if you shops have more than 50% stocked chests the score is effectively Infinity, and the timer for shops actively with a score below the threshold start today and I will be contacting those people. It would be utterly unfair to people if I considered the timers to start before the initialization of the policy.


I own a shop where it is request-only, so no chests, and I was wondering what the policy would be for this? I know a few other players who’s shops depend on customers writing their order and throwing it into a hopper (e.g. TheRealBroMike’s Redstone shop, miclol’s Custom Fireworks shop, and PeterXVII Custom-Order Enchanting Book shop, among others) so would the current shop-removal policy rely on when the shop owner last checked the request hopper, or something else?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the main purpose for the shop removal policy is just so inactive players’ shops don’t choke up newer players’ abilities of creating a shop in the mall (the space is filling up!). So as long as you’re active, you should be good, and your last seen time should be taken into consideration (ensuring some kind of grace period afterward).

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