Moving Mobs Between Dimensions

I often make many farms to help automate the items I get, and it goes well for the most part. But one particular issue I’ve encountered is that I cannot bring overworld mobs into the nether (and nether mobs into the overworld). This creates a bit of an issue because a few of my farm designs can be greatly improved if I were able to do so.

For example, a wither skeleton farm can be completely automated with the introduction of tamed wolves in the nether, and ghasts are useful for pushing mobs around in the overworld. But because nether portals cannot be used in their traditional function, it makes it impossible to transport mobs like this. This is why I am asking for a method to be able to get overworld mobs into the nether and nether mobs into the overworld. I have two main solutions for this in mind that I will suggest.

Firstly, it can be made so we are able to get our hands on spawn eggs for certain mobs for a large price. This way, mobs can easily be spawned wherever they are needed for a farm. Additionally, the solution also makes it much easier to move mobs to where they are needed.

Second, it could also be made so that there is a way to move mobs between the overworld and nether. One way for this could be to allow mobs to move through dimensions through nether portals (though I do understand if that is impossible).

I really want to see a way to do this, as this is a limiting factor in many of my farms I design. If anyone else has any other ideas, I would like to hear them in the comments as well.

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A third option would be to add an item you can transport mobs in.

Like Pokeballs! Those would be kinda funny but cool at the same time! :slight_smile:

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That would be really cool as well! It would probably also help to transport mobs in general (mobs take forever to transport in boats, and cannot follow you whenever you do /home as well).


Well, I do wanna add my thoughts on this. It would be cool but hard to add. But I’d say make it so that when you lead an animal it would teleport with you. No, you can’t lead stuff like creepers but it could help with sheep farms or cow farms. I do though like the idea of an item you can transport mobs in.