My chestplate is missing

So me, GrookeypowHD, D_ej, dil17 and Istax were going to fight withers on the nether roof but i accidentally dropped my chestplate and elytra. The elytra only had mending and the chestplate had prot4, unbreaking3, mending, thorns3 in that exact order, the other players accidentally picked them up. i asked for them back, dil17 didn’t have them, neither did GrookeypowHD, D_ej didn’t respond and Istax had logged of by then (i mailed Istax)
Can i have them back plz?

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Well there’s 2 outcomes in this situation:
A) Istax has them
B) Nobody picked them up and they’d despawned by now.
Now I am sure this is none of my business, but you did mail the last person that you suspect in having your stuff, why make a forum post about it? If it’s the 2nd outcome, then that’s a bummer, but I am sure that many shops sell enchants for your (potentially) lost stuff.

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nvm i got the chestplate back and i had a spare elytra

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