My friend got banned because of my mistake

So im Gro0key and I had the idea to place 1000 pigs so I ask ewmc2 and TScorbunny and blitzated to help me and after 35+ hours we finish it I strongly disagree with me ban (I think I should have got like a 30 day ban thank for only making it 7 days) anyway time passes I log on to find im banned fine ewmc2 is not banned and I think TScorbunny is not banned either
But I check to find he is banned keep in mind I did not check Bunnys ban till like 2 hours later So please remove his ban I thought the reason ewmc2 was not banned was because I omitted Told them to ban me Its my idea if you look in screenshot its all of the people I said so please unban TScorbunny and keep me banned.

Thanks Gro0key sorry for bad grammar I was in a rush :slight_smile:

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Sorry, this one was pretty messy and hard to navigate the logs for. I did not ban ewmc2 or Blitzated, cause while mentioned; I couldn’t actually find any reference to them in the logs. I have since looked at chat from the time, along with this has convinced me to re-check the logs. I think a week-long ban is appropriate since, while a lot of pigs and banners, the effects of this grief were rather minor it seemed.

But please don’t ban ewmc2 or blitzated it was my idea and is TScorbunny getting unbanned?

It doesn’t matter that it was your idea, they still helped out in the griefing.

Free porkchop for the city :bacon:


Yes but the griefing was very minor it would maybe take at most 30 minutes or /kill @e[type=pig] so it’s fair to ban the person who lead the grief (sorry I forgot to reply just send it normally)

Finally somebody gets it

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what part was the grief, pigs or banners

i was banned too lol

I would be happy if you did this to my city (If I had one lol). I would start a pig farm and give the residents free porkchop.

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finally someone who can take a joke

wait so what was grief banners or pigs

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