My friend got banned for griefing when he didnt grief

Minecraft Name: peanutbutter44 I am creating this because my friend, mpmt got banned for griefing when he didnt grief. He got accused by another player for griefing a mob spawner when it was abbandoned and also the person who got mpmt banned stole mpmts shulker boxes. Lastly, the mob spawner was unclaimed and mpmt didnt know that it belonged to someone. thank you, please unban mpmt.

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The Ban:


he didnt know he was griefing he thought the spawner was abbandoned and unclaimed can he pls be unbanne

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he didnt know he was griefing

We’re awaiting reply from @ThatOneLuke who issued the ban.

Hi there!

The mob spawner in question was not abandoned. The mob spawner was already a built up farm, so I fail to see how they did not know it belonged to someone else. Just because something is unclaimed does not mean anyone can change it; it is still griefing if it is unclaimed.

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