My friend was banned

Hi! I’m creating this ban appeal for my friend EnderMCYT who was banned for griefing/innapropriate builds. I know ender in real life and I know that he would not be building what I believe he has been banned for. I’ve messaged him and he states he was hacked, yet has no evidence of this. He’s only been on the server for 5 months, but he has made some really great friends and memories on there. Since I’m terrible at making appeals I shall ask if you could shorten/revoke the ban, and leave you from a personal note from ender himself :

Hey i’m sorry. i should’ve not done the caps or language. I didn’t however do the inappropriate builds. I just got a bit stressed and a bit overwhelmed and a bit angry. Im sorry. -EnderMCYT

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Hi, Istax here, Ender may be telling the truth when he say that his account was temporarily hacked. Ender is a Twitch streamer, I looked over a few videos and there is no record of him creating the inappropriate builds or griefing while playing on their account, or at least while streaming. I’m not sure when the builds were created however now we know that he didn’t do anything against the server rules on camera.
That’s my take on the topic.


@Bovall please take a look. Thanks!

In regards to a ban dispute for ender than he/she needs to make it themselves unfortunately. So until then I’ll wait

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