New dropper Idea

I was hoping to make a new dropper on another server but it is too small currently and was hoping to make one on yours. Can you please message me if you’ll let me

Yes, we are open for new droppers!
You can build a dropper in singleplayer (make sure you use a flat world without villages or other generated structures).
When it’s done, you can send the save to us (zip it and upload it to something like Google Drive for example) and we’ll see if we can add it to the dropper server.

Is it ok if I did this on another server and show it to u?

Just so I can use world edit?

Can I pls make it on a server so I can use world edit?

I cant build this on the server I wanted to is there a place on your server?

You can make it on a server, just send us the world file from the server instead. However, if you just want worldedit, you could just install forge and then add worldedit as a mod and do it in singleplayer.

I couldn’t get world edit on single player so I built it on the server however I wont be able to get the world files.

I call it Black and Yellow as in the song

How would we add it if we can’t get the world files though?
If you’re having trouble installing WorldEdit for singleplayer, you can also just run a local server on your own computer and install WorldEdit on there, that way you also have the world files. :wink:

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