New Dropper Ideas

Looking for ideas for droppers. Give any suggestions here.

(Does this count as a feedback thread? I think it does)

NEW MAPS MUST BE CAVEMEN! Ooga shocka ooga shocka!

just a reminder to a conversation way back when that I think actually brought up interesting ideas :blush:


Thanks for bringing this up again :smiley:

How is levitation done? I assume there is an effect you can apply with command blocks? Because using Shulkers isn’t really feasible on Dropper.

Levitation is just an effect, so you can use /effect, higher levels means faster so it could be made so you go wizzing up as fast as falling. (It’s just called levitation)

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That sounds about right. Idk exactly how but I’ve seen in for instance, these two youtubers who actually played a lot of TC dropper, and in one of their dropper (not at TC) vids they just went flying up to a floating platform. (Yeah sorry this isn’t a very helpful post.)