New for VIPs: Backpacks

Introducing a new feature for VIPs: Backpacks!
Simply use the command /backpack or /bp for short to open your backpack. It behaves just like a chest and you can store and retrieve items.

Some facts about backpacks:

  • Backpacks have the size of one single chest
  • If you die, you also drop the items from your backpack (otherwise it would be an unfair advantage)
  • Backpacks are the cooler ender chests
  • So much inventory space!
  • Ok I baited you a little bit there, the image above is actually from a minecraft backpack mod. The backpacks on the server won’t be visible (or accessible) to anyone but you.
  • Get VIP here and help us pay the server bills

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions!

We have recently added a backpack shortcut item which lives in your hotbar. You can use rightclick on it to quickly open your backpack. However, the item cannot be removed from your inventory and occupies one slot.
Do you like this shortcut item or would you like it to be removed? Please vote below!

  • Backpack Item + Command
  • Only Command
  • I don’t care

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The Backpack item is useful, but… At times it’s going to be in the way (random example: converting a full inventory of redstone to redstone blocks).
If it’s supported to hang it on something (I’ve heard it can be hung on an armor stand?) when we don’t want it, I don’t see why we wouldn’t keep it.
If you really don’t want it, you could drop the armor stand in lava… :slight_smile:

It will be placed in your inventory every time you log back in.
Ideally there’d be a command to toggle it. But that’s not implemented (yet). That’s why I’d like to see what people think about the current situation so we can make a quick change for now (if needed).

Oh! In that case, how about a communal self-destroying armor stand (like at /bank), where people can chuck their backpack items? They’ll get it back anyway :smiley:

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You’re trying to solve an artificial problem here. The item is only protected to prevent abuse, and the armor stand is a glitch to bypass that protection. :wink:

Careful when using backpacks… items will be lost in lava unlike regular inventory.